Can't Help Falling in Love with You


United States
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Sitting down thinking of last night,
It’s pitiful that I feel all of this strife.
Foot tapping, knuckles cracking,
Eyes staring into the distance,
Your words are replaced with the silence
What you’ve done to me?
Having doubts gnaw at the sides of my mind
Not letting me be.
Standing up, walking around,
Sad footsteps the only sound, I hear,
Ears explode with anonymous white noise,
Listening to music is my next choice.
These headphones are like flies buzzing
Background noise to what I want to be center stage.
Your voice either saying nonsense or important messages,
No preference, just as long as you speak at all.
Books seem like my last escape,
But words turn and twist, coming up only with your name.
A glass of water engulfs my throat, falling
Into the hole that is my stomach.
Filling nothing, leaving an absence,
For any sense of self awareness
Head in hands, I wait for a breakthrough,
Nothing comes; I can’t help falling in love with you.
- Juan Corredor


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