Can't Breathe

Youre a disappointment
You're a failure
Youre a disgrace
The connotations that I ponder
When those are the words they say
I guess it doesn't even matter that I got straight A's
I guess its b/c im not as straight as my grades
Stupid. Dumb. Ignorant. Selfish
Should I live my life being selfless
I could. I would. I should.
But I won't.
Cause living in the struggle
I now know dos and the don'ts.
I was told never blow on trees
Treat "gay" as a disease.
Always say bless you when you hear someone sneeze..
But I never really question
Never really reckoned
As to Why I had To listen.
To every direction
Is it cause I was supposed to
Or b/c it was respectable
Even if it was explained
A real reason wasn't detectable
Now its worst cause they're
Telling me how to feel.
Saying its a phase
And its not even real.
If it is please let it be
But I promise you this gon be
The longest phase you ever seen.
A phase that will cease when I die
I wanna live and not just be alive
The bigger the dream the greater nightmare.
I refuse to live my life and
be a little bit scared.
Suicide, I was pondering.
This journey I been wandering.
I would take my life
But I have a purpose on this earth that is worth discovering.
I can actually say I been through
A little fire and a little rainBut I know imma make it
Cause I'm stronger than my pain
The fire on the inside gives
Me the desire to suceed
And you never know the meaning of Life
until you feel like you can't breathe


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