Cannon Fires, Bullet Scars

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 23:13 -- Morgann

A lonely child with a heart as pure as the sky

A burning curiosity of fire that cannot die

Stepped on the ground to be enlightened by the sun

And wandered on the stories undone


I have so much words I think of

Yet I have none to speak

Visions broader than the space above

I wonder, "Is it all for me to seek?"


I have so much shapes to draw

Yet my canvas is full and limited

In my mind, the sceneries awe

Bursting colors, in my heart abounded


I have so much songs to sing

Yet the noise overpowers me

Melodies, hands dancing on strings

To play along the sad and mad and the happy


A lonely teenager, a heart the world made cry

A desperation to express turned into a sigh

Stepped on and stumbled through life's long run

And wandered hopeless for dreams still undone


All the letters I've written

I mailed them all to me

Along with their comments, burden

To keep in hiding the imaginary


All of the lines I started

Were ended by insult

A revolution could have been supported

But not in a world so difficult


All the pieces I have created

I hum them all to me

Along with the times cruelly treated

To open my lips only to agree


A lonely soul fits nowhere

And nowhere fits the lonely soul

Could only carry itself further

Until it reaches its unknown goal


This poem is about: 
Our world


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