Candy House

Rotting, Wilted, Spoiled

All disguised by the most innocent,

The most pure of cravings

Sweet lies and cake

Spirits of past wanderers moan

With bellies full of vile treats


Known to be innocent and angelic

A host to disgrace the name

For they have decorated this

Candy House

With canes of coma white and blood red

Frosting, dripping it’s glistening sugar to the grass below

Grass littered with candy stick flowers

A desolate home

Coating the woodland air with pure

Licorice scent

Inside, a stove with smoke leaking through the chimney

Adjacent is an adult sized pair of shoes

Patiently waiting their owners arrival

The walkway placed for every step

Though only facing inwards

Inviting, yet alarming

How there is one set of foreword footsteps

The trees grow tall

Shadow to claim the house in


They all grow, pulled to the center

The leaves all met their end as they fluttered

And died immediately.

You know you have found the right

But very wrong


If on the front door, made of graham and Gum Drops

It reads

“Candy House”

And the giggling voices speak

“Nibble, Nibble, little mouse,

Who is nibbling on my house?”


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