Cancer will NOT win.



She will never come back

She is gone for good

I wanted to change her fate I wish I could

I remember seeing her die slowly

And wanting to lie and say she would survive

but how do you lie to one when real eyes realize real lies

The cancer seemed to be winning this fight

The sad thought that one day she would see the light

That’s not right

Where is the hope that’s suppose to be in sight

Pray, cry, scream

Pray, cry, scream

Is all I seemed to do

Not for me but for her

I tried to cry to forget the hurt

To forget the pain

All those times I took her in vain

The day she left me

Was the day I knew who I wanted to be

I wanted to be a doctor indeed

For all these years I’ve struggled to move on

To prove cancer has NOT won

My desire has grown stronger

I will be limited no longer

I will change lives

In remeberance of those sad eyes

I WILL be a Doctor because of her

Because of the tears I’ve cried

For the doctors who tried

For the tears I’ve poured out forgetting my pride

For the times I thought God left my side

For the emptiness that still remains inside

For the part of me that still wants to cry and hide

And most importantly for her, 

For Sandra.

a fighter, a lover, and my inspiratiion.


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