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I wish

I could tell you

all the things I cannot say

like,  that I love you

but, you already know that

I said it to your face

in a shortness of breath

 coughed out of my mouth

like a virus that had plagued me too long

I confessed it, I was cured

Now you know

that simple fact

I love you.

but I lack the ability to describe

the overwhelming experience it is

to love a person

     like you

it takes over my body, my mind

spreads like cancer

infecting my every organ

heart, lungs

 the pancreas and liver

at last it takes the brain

a tumor that grows and grows

until there is nothing left but




you have overtaken me

and all I can do it sit here and act passive

while I feel this take me over

and you know none of this

you feel none of this in return

you have no knowledge of the absolute torcher of love

I would rather be marched to the guillotine and removed of my head

Than to suffer this so called natural part of the human experience

The outrageously painful

Act of love


And maybe I’m glad you don’t love me in return

because to know that you are suffering the same way I am

would only kill me more

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