Why are you leaving me?

Can’t you see it at all?

You’ve been here all of my life

And you think that you can just walk out


I never thought that you’d be gone

Never thought your song would be a sad one

Never hoped more that you’d stay

Took you for granted cause you never went away


Fading like starlight into dreams

All you are is memory

I’m just afraid because you are part of me

I never really had to say the goodbye


I thought you were as old as eternity

For some reason you’d never go

You were at every major event of my life

My wedding, my death, and everything in between


But today you are just disappearing

I never prepared to lose you

You were a rock that I built around

And now you are so much less

I’m lonely now even though you’re still there

But you aren’t even you anymore

So why am I still speaking

Or seeing, I’m hiding my grief in my hands



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