Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

Do you know who I am?

Do you think you understand me?

Able to tell me who I think I am

And who I really am

Make up me

Can you really know someone



Do you not see the pain behind my smile

How I choke on it every time I have to use it

It is shoved so far down my throat

That it feels like I am suffocating

From the inside


Do you not see

Or hear my silent cries

Behind my unwavering gaze

The dead stare

That seems to chill you to the bone?


Do you still think you know me?


Are you able to tell me that you see me

That you get me


Do you not feel there is something wrong

In my head

My body feels so heavy

My mind is chained


I am trying to break free

From youFrom everything


That told me I had to be this way

This Fake

Who wears this mask behind my face

To Hide who I truly am

You ask who told me that I must act this way

Be like this?


Why it is so simple

Because the answer is so simple

For once its clear

It is you my dear

You and others like you



Made me who I am

Made others like me

And without a care in the world

And will continue to do it

Until there is no one left


No one to stand up

And make the difference


Well I will tell you right now

That I will break free

I let you make me

Break ME


But this will not continue

Because someone must save us

Someone must stand up

Rise up

Become the hero

If not for me then for them

For those who are next

So that they WILL NOT go through what I went through


The transformation has begun

It is already done


The chains on my mind are broken

My body is weightless

I am free

To be anybody I want to be

Because the only person who really knows me

Can really know me




My favorite part was writing it, it was effortlessly. What came to mind I wrote it down, and there was very little editing if any.

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