Can You See Me?

Here I am wearing my matching outfit, sporting my new shoes and don't forget my blue glasses. I smiled at everyone. But, can you see me?  Wanted to get to know you and you know me; so much fun to run and play but can you see me?   Looks like everyone is having a sleep over at their house; I am too scared to spend the night. Sorry, but can you see me? Joined the soccer team and dad even coached; should have been the best of times, but, can you see me? New school, new home, new hope - maybe; but, can you see me?  The screaming grew and grew but so did my silence; I hoped my teachers would at least notice, but can you see me? Should I ask why or keep smiling; no one will notice; looks like the stakes are not in my favor but still I ask, can you see me?  Woke up again, sometimes it is a surprise; not a wish, not a dream, but again I ask, can you see me?  These words on paper reflect who I am, even in the dark and the shadows; still, I will ask - can you see me?


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