Can you hear me?

Do you hear me out there,
5000 miles away
It has been so long since I have felt at home, and I am missing you terribly
You see, my love, 5000 miles is a lot of time to forget the happiness and the bliss
The sadness can take over and hating the unfairness of it all is soul crushing
When we are together, I know you hear me and I hear you, too
This distance makes it hard and almost unbearable, but it is bearable enough
I would endure anything for you
When I am going to bed, you are starting your day
We are young
We are tired
We are in love
You are there
and I am here
and I hope you hear me each second of each minute of each hour of each day
I love you and this sadness will one day go away
Just hold on a little longer
Keep hearing me
Search for my voice
Listen to me when I tell you how happy you make me
Know that each gust of wind is a reminder of my love for you
That each time the sun is a little too bright, I asked it to warm you
That each time there's a gush of cold, that I want my hand in yours
Do you hear me, my dear?
I adore you
I will be yours until the end of time, and even after that
Listen to the breeze through the trees, the cars driving down the street
Remember that this life is temporary, but our love is not
Hear me when I say that I am not going anywhere, except maybe the airport
Hear me when I say that I am going to marry you
Hear me when I say nothing at all and just look into my eyes
Hear me, my muse


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