Can you hear the heartbeat


hello,there's a face up here with lips that'll speak
words you've never heard until they've left my soul.
As the body language Chang ,the world Went upside 
   down ,the tear of my face drop down to the floor .
  I never understood what is wrong with me.
I always thought that I was in dark jail that I wouldn't 
Get out .I had never think it was possible to feel so miserable.
continuing to go on with day after day.
nothing in contact but wanting to be alone.
the voices that-screamed to be come endless footsteps lead on along the ground.
what have i done to feel miserable?
Why can I see the light ?
When people see me they see me as happy person ;as I walk on  the-long hallway
 I feel like am in a dark shadow With a confuse face !!!
all-people could hear is the heartbeat of my shadow .
As they wonder they become stagnate and never move one with their life.
The dark weave  will Fog and rot but the history of my life wouldn't change for ever .
it would be endless life that gets hunt bye the shadow next door .


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