Can We Fall?

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 16:51 -- jtx0139


United States
29° 47' 24.6516" N, 95° 22' 4.0224" W

If you walk away will I fall? I know you don't really care at all. If I fail will you feel bad? No one can never know the relationship we had. The tears fallen, what did they mean? You said you were sorry I guess that made your slate clean. Your hand flies up one last time to show me fear. Then your arms are wrapped around me while you whisper I am so sorry my dear. If I am gone will you be alone. It wouldn't matter because what you did is all ready done. You were scared and unattached to life. Then you think again and pick up the knife. If I end everything will my mind be blown? I am still confused about somethings left unknown. A broken heart and bliss. I guess I will end this life with one last kiss.

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