Can I Live?


Can I live without the fear of rejection, without a need of redemption, my voice will be heard, my words will provide protection!

once told by an elder, "your mouth is your biggest weapon. Use it wisely is my suggestion."

As I child I pleaded my case, always wanting to be heard. But lack of experience got me in trouble, when I used the wrong words. 

No need to raise your tone, use foul language or shoutout racial slurs.

"Actions speak louder then words" that's a deep quote, that's my motto I live by those words.

Dont be shy or afraid, we have the freedom of speech, you can say what you please & teach your beliefs.

Can I live? Haven't you heard.

Just because your living doesn't mean your alive! Don't be fooled by the enemy all social media leaves you blind.

Can I live being me, plant a seed and succeed. My life is my very own movie, would you like to see? Don't let the cat bite your tongue, speak up you got this I plus others believe.

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