Can be desrted by them all, but my faith could never be

You see know i had nor an easy nor a hard life.

Daddy a drugg addict one night even forgot i was his daughter

Too young to understand what that night could really do,

The hurt slash hate building up in me was stronger than any rage the loch ness monster could ever do

Now, I had to be quick and take control for myself

How could I let one man take control of me, if the King of the universe will forever protect me

I can be desrted by my father, or evn desrted on an island but I will never be desrted by the ruler of them all

So now I can say that I genuinly love life

You can take all my materialistic iteams away, but you could never take away my faith

My faith that there will be a brightter day

My faith that I can overcame any obstacle because I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritualy strong

My faith that if I were to again be deserted

My faith is all I need because My GOD got the rest.

This poem is about: 
My family


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