Mon, 12/11/2023 - 12:37 -- Aisu


I gazed
The African panaroma
Distant Cherangani hills, sleeping
Blue Kenyan sky, now murky
Lightning, shady clouds

Serengeti Savannah, fully displayed
Illumination from light of the African moon
More lightning
Undulating landscape, dreaming

The pale blue Indian Ocean
A moon's reflection, crystal clear
Kenya asleep, waves awake
Soothing my ears

Golden, I said
Gorgeous, I marvelled

I then heard a song
The Cherangani hills sang to me
We want you to stay
Do not go away..

I am here, I sang back
I will come back, Kenya
Take more photos of you
Reveal to the world
Tell them through words...

Reveal what we truly are
Our tunes, they should dance to
Our soils, they should water
We must sprout
Like the blooming of a carnation

Yes, with my eyes, I will see
My lens, I will adjust closer
My camera, it will click
Not once or twice but multiples
Until your emerald green, they uphold

Without doubt, I know
That exactly this, I want to forever do
For the rest
Of my ageing years

For indeed, it is golden


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