Calm After the Storm

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 02:39 -- briwho

It’s been a depressive couple months.

A couple months of crying, Feeling alone

Feeling confused and unloved.

A couple months of isolating myself.

But what I need…

A much needed break,

To step away for while,

To reevaluate my life.

You leaving creating this empty crevice in my heart

Do I fill it with alcohol?



Anything to fill this hole.

Cold, empty, dark hole that I fear may grow.

It was like an epiphany

Lying in bed one morning, I had the realization.

I can’t fill it with material items

Or even a guy.

I need to learn to love myself

To fill up this hole

With self-love,



I picked up a pen

And began to write.

Write about you,

Write about me.

I crumpled up the pages

And stuffed as many as I could inside my hole of a heart.

My love of a man,

Now replaced with sonnets and free verse.

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