Listen man,

Latley it's been to much an...

My head has been spinning like a fan,

Im bad at cardio  so why did i think

i could've outran..

These problems.

Got my foot on the edge looking down, 

Cant swim so i might as well drown,

i pray to god i dont wake,

Eternal sleep,night gown.

What's the use.

I'm tired of my heart dropping,

Looking at the cieling..

I hear it stopping,

I pull out the blade.

Tight squeeze i feel the drip,

Mom always said i was going places..

But this feels like a one way trip.

Tears run down my face...

And i can taste them on my lip.

Not looking for a superman,

Just someone to say "You CAN",

Goodbye world,

I just wished you listened man.

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