Call Me Later

Didn't mean to drop your call 

I just now saw it on my phone 

Come swing by, I'll show you a good time

And afterwards when we're together 

You can call me later 

Now that I have you on speed dial

I'll talk to you

Just to see how you're doing 

Every day, every night 

My hotline blings 

But it's never you

Just clueless boys

Who think that I love them 

But not as much as I 

Love you 


If you're really feeling me 

You'd not to call 

When I'm not feeling it 

I got so many late night texts

Clogging up my space 

But I'll ignore them all

Just to see you 

Face to face 


For right now 

You're just an unknown number 

I got some baggage to declutter 

But once I'm done 

You can call me later 

And afterwards when we're together 

We can talk



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