i have dreams and they are scary

i wake up not knowing what to do

i cry

something i'll never do in the day time

then i hear my self

whisperly shout 'i'm alone'

i thought it was nice normally

i pick up a note to write

"you cant die, no more of you can, it'll scar me too much"

i thought the dreams had stopped

but lately its been coming at me strongly

like somethings coming

something really really sad

but i dont know if bad


i think it might be the end of the world

last time it was about people in camps

away from the outside world

this time its about me sticking with a friend till the end 

convicing her not to take her life, i wonder what tommorows is?

its late, actually its early but its dark and still the fog is strong

the worlds been hot lately, in all ways

i think of calling mum

but then again tears stream down , i dont want to worry her

maybe thats stupid but the last thing i want to do is

wake her up, scaring her

i know im alone deep done i know why


i have always been alone and it didn't hurt as bad

i found love once you know

it was short, everlasing and sweet

but no not with man, with God

and i know i can't see him, but i miss him and love him

then my stupid self didi something stupid and felt unholy

even when i knew he didn't see me that way

his worth it, his love is more than infinity

i feel a sudden urge to pee

i stand upbut its dark in there

i need light, may sound funny

but ive always been a fearless kind of girl


in a room full of five sleeping people

but i feel empty, alone and the worse part

i cant even yell for help

this is about the time where human help dosent do it anymore

well that only comes with pity, 

and that i dont need

i need him, its been sad, empty, long, exhausting, tiring

and i just need him 

so badly, so eargerly and yes so very desperately.

you think you crave the touch of a human soul

wait till you thirst for the giver of souls.

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