Call to Humanity


“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian Proverb. So here I am, standing alone in the open. I am here with a message hoping to repair what is broken. Nature is struggling and humanity is not on track. We have our heads in the sand and our pride intact. We seek fulfillment through wealth, but do we achieve it? We want prosperity through consumerism, but is it worth it? Have we actually found freedom? Or have we lost it? Because all we do is follow a system and never really challenge it. Can you relate to that? Or is the world too blind to see? I would always seek the truth, but cared what my peers thought of me. I saw a different perspective and struggled by the hour. See, I know ignorance was bliss, but knowledge could give me power. So, now I call for humanity, not just for one nation. I am opposing separation and standing up to segregation. Whether religious or atheist, in essence we are the same. Stereotypes are man-made, and it was man who created the game, but are we actually ready to accept this and wake up? Can we put our naivety on the line, or are we always going to collide? Are we ready to make a difference? Do we venture into the unknown? Or do we stay in our comfort zones and keep on taking the easy ride? Because at sea, it is the ships that are safest at shore, but no, that is not what ships were made for. So ask yourself this: Why are you really here? You may find that deep, but my question really is sincere. for my generation, are we mislead as a youth? Do we rub off our true purpose due to false misleading truth? So where do our priorities lie? Britain, China, Russia, America, France. Syria, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Iraq. Whether western or Middle East, Everyone deserves peace. No more national wars. No more bodies deceased. Let us come together as one and keep humanity in one piece. So are we going to be responsible? Are we going to take a stand? Are we going to change our ways and play our cards on the other hand? I am not saying I have all the answers and I am not forcing any suggestions, I am just saying, it is about time we see differently and it is about time we ask some questions. What will you do? How much will you allow? This is my call for humanity, to a create a change and the time to start, is NOW!


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