The Call of Duty Cries

Fri, 04/25/2014 - 03:50 -- LeeLee

I see the colors red, white, and blue lying on the ground,
And a dozen dead bodies lying all around.
I look at the flag, the last thing I might see,
And after God, most important to me.
Our beautiful flag, flag of the free,
Of our great and mighty country.
I see it in the middle of the frenzied fight,
And get new courage and hope from the sight.

Now to me the call of duty cries.
As I prepare, my life flashes by my eyes.
I think of those I love who I may never see again;
But my love for my country comes before my love for them.

Now I must save the flag from the enemy's closing hand;
I run through the whistling bullets to my last stand.
I see the flag before me, feel the pole in my palm;
Suddenly I hear a shot, then there is a calm.

I look at my shirt quickly turning red;
And know that I should already be dead.
A terrible pain shoots through my chest as I sink to my knees.
Only God can hear my silent pleas.

It was an ambush, now it is clear.
A group closes on me and I know the end is near.
I lay on the ground waiting for the final blow;
But then I hear the most beautiful sound I know.

My commander's voice rang loud,
"Come on boys! Let's take them down! Make me proud!"
They broke through, our enemies falling one by one;
And finally my mission was done.

I hold the bloodstained flag near my heart;
Then give it to my comrade, I have played my part.
I see him on a hill top with it hanging high,
And know it has been worth it even if I die.

The darkness seems to hide the light;
The sweat and blood run in my eyes and blur my sight.
I now know that for me this is the end,
A hand clasps mine hard, I see the face of my friend.

As I gasp for breath, I feel my life slipping away.
I know I will be with God after today.
Then my commander says, "Well done Soldier. The battle has been won"
My eyes close, Jesus says, "Welcome home. Well done. "


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