Call to battle

our interests are threatened.
our Homeland may soon be taken.
Although our courage may be shaken.
it's time we awakened.
it's everyone's battle let no one be mistaken.
armies against us have risen
their goal is our retreat,our defeat
they move against our defences
making advances against our sacred spaces.
try to tear down our fences.
it seems our kingdom may soon fade
as our life begins to degrade
so am here to persuade
let's stop them before they invade

I make a call so that there is no fall
I make a call so that we all stand tall.
though your interest and desire may be small
I make a call so that we defend our walls
I make a shout to cast out the doubt
so that no one may walkout
because war is out o breakout.
defend your home, before its gone
our weapon seem inferior and they think they are superior
that there weapons are nuclear
but we have a divine overseer and this is not a barrier

we will not yield until there is a yield
until our country is healed
and children can play in the fields
we will stand strong though we may be a small throng.
defending our our home lifelong
because this is where we belong
so we are not wrong.
our heartbeat is rising
let it not set until our victory is set
so that our mission we don't forget
raise your courage,it's your only advantage
envision tommorow
and fight against it's sorrows

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Our world
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