California Roses

California Roses
Standing out in a field 
letting the summers air hold 
California roses breeze run 
all over me 
This is were I lost my heart 
this is where love taken me 
Your love sends a shiver down 
my spine
True Love don't lie 
My mind just gets taken over
by the sparks you left in my heart
in that California wind 
To remember what your Love was like 
My heart will never forget 
Your love will always be apart of me 
In that California breeze
Your love meant the world to me 
In the fields of California roses 
all over me was you on top of me 
Kissing every dream we made
How the September winds
filled my memory of you all over 
It's a sad
Not having you with me 
In this September California dream
that hold you near to me 
it comforts me 
I feel I'm home free 
In this field of roses
the atmosphere of you and I 
Is all over California skies 
In this California Dream of roses 
you come rushing back to me .
Lilly Emery


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