California Politics

Crying like a baby in the rain

Shaking with a sadness and a rage as

Hot as hell that leaves you icy cold and

Drowning in the sorrows of the world.


As lonely as a little boy lost at Disneyland

A playground paradise turned upside down

Everyone too busy or distracted to help

All you want is to get off that merry go round 


But every little thing is spinning out of control

Saying all the angry words out loud

Who can wage peace on a battlefield?

When trying to learn the truth is not allowed.


Where do we leave the axes that we grind

Embedded in the skulls of those we hate? 

Speak from your heart but also use your mind

Don’t give up or say it’s all too late.


We can dry the tears that fall in vain

Refocus on the things we can control

But it’s so cold here stuck out in the rain

As politics keeps poisoning our souls.



California! Sixty-thousand mentally ill and drug addicted homeless defecating in the streets between piles of trash and used needles, while the governor bans straws for people who never litter. Whole cities burned to the ground because of environmental policies that are rigid and inflexible. No cooperation with more reasonable voices for the sake of all of us. Politics poisoning the Happiest Place on Earth! Damn!!

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