California, June 28-July 9, 2013

A trip at the end of June.

One of those yellow summers muttered with new tales and new hormones -

Of gold and silver highlights -

Of diamonds and tampered addictions.

A flight quick as liftoff.

A hazed Horizon.


Why can I See only what Lies, but not beyond?

Why can I See only what Lies in my scope?

What Lies ahead Sees.

What Lies is Man.

What Lies Is.

What Lies Sees.


A day for the wedding.

Our glasses bubble beige and brown wheat -

Of a loss of tolerance as consciousness breaks from her lust-

Of a bland and stale sick addiction.

A tampered reminder of love.

A quiet Night.


Shall I Stay Here and Wait for Silence to Speak for Claims?

Shall I Stay Here and Listen to the Silent Muted Mockery?

Silence Listens to what is Silent.

Silent is Man.

Silence Is.

Silence is Silent.


A week to explore.

Old Greek inspiration and thrift property investments -

Of colored splashes painting a wave of crackling stones -

Of seduction in structure and beautiful liberation.

A clear vision.

A Mind.


Might I Know more had I Known Truth?

Might I Know more had I Known Trust?

Man Knows Truth is Trust.

Man Knows Trust is Truth.

Man Knows Man.

Man Knows.


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