The California Homelessness

The California homelessness is addressed by President Donald Trump, which is true;

Ruling President Trump's proposals as illegal is what the federal courts would do.


President Trump's proposals include relocating homeless people to a federal facility;

The California homelessness is a major problem and always will be.


The lack of political will is often the primary obstacle to resolving the California homelessness, as you can see;

In California, 140,000 people are without permanent housing and I'm speaking honestly.


President Trump has proposed reducing the Department of Housing and Urban Development budget by 18% from the previous year;

Whoever thinks that President Trump is a fool should quit drinking beer.


God-willing, President Trump will end the California homelessness and here's something else that I'll tell;

Whoever opposes the solutions to homelessness can go straight to hell.

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My country


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