Like A beautiful newly made calabash I carry myself,
very strong yet, too delicate to be tampered with,
extremely unique and talented to be intimidated by any other.
no flaws, no holes, well designed and blessed. 

Many stares and murmur,
"Oh myShe must be of a goddess" 
my pride and confidence shuns rivals and opposers,
my shine makes every soul dance to my tune.

But like every calabash no matter how beautiful,
I had to be used to store water,
And I was, but as soon as the water was poured in...
It drained right out.

"Ahh I leak!!!"

Who so cruel and heartless Would put a hole in me,
before I understood who I was and where I was?
Who dared to use me without my consent?

My confidence, and strength now shatters before my very own eyes
Desperation overcomes my pride
I, once when everyone pleaded to own and cherish now begs at their feet

"Please use me! I swear I can still hold some water
Please use me! I can still keep the water clean
Please use me! No one has to know
Please use me! I promise you will not even notice I exist 
Please use me! I know beggars are not choosers
Use me!  Please somebody  just Use me!"

Hoping within that maybe someday an angel will look beyond my leak and say
But why?
You've leaked all along haven't you?
And you were able to remain poise and assertive.
A leak doesn't determine your quality,
We'll patch it up or whatever 
Just pick your head up,
For even though you leak
You are ever flawless 
You shine and glow like 
A beautiful Newly made calabash.



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