Pitter Patter on the floor

Tiny hands examine the cracked and worn door

Tiny hands grab hold of my flustered heart and input fragmented memories

A burst of light in the dark

Explode out of my soul and into my lungs


You, all milk chocolate curls, spilled silk onto my hands

All warm caramel skin, smooth butter against my chest

You, all questioning doe eyes

All gurgling laughter of colored crystal chimes

You, taken from me by the rising of the sun

Sharp knives of monotonous reality tear at my skin and declare my bliss done.

The smell of lukewarm milk and innocence wafts out of my window

Replaced by a single heartbeat, Al-one Al-one Al-one

Scorching tears envelope a pulsating new ache

For an angel, agonizingly not mine to take

A spiritual lifeline ripped

One cry torn out of my throat and onto my lips



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