Caged Bird

I had the odds against me at the start of my days,

Elders holding my mother within their icy gaze.

"You know you can't keep him, it's a danger to your future",

It was them against her, a devout refuter.


A few years later, at the age of three,

I always knew it would be them against me.

They had their doubts of my success, 

trying their hardest to keep me repressed. 


It was only so long until I began to shine,

My work and my effort, starting to intertwine.

The sweat and the strain, that went upon my brain,

could not keep my dreams, stuck in their domain.


And now I am here, at the doorsteps of my future college,

where their lies, and depressed wrung words, will not be acknowledged.

The only path now, will only be up to me,

I was a caged bird, but I set myself free.




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