Thu, 06/20/2013 - 11:10 -- Maiya


United States
30° 21' 56.988" N, 81° 29' 37.6764" W

Caged in for life never set free
What is important to me is never important to others
I am put on a back burner like the leftovers from the night before
Everyone and everything is before me

Controlled, tired of being
Hating every moment that I am here
Looking; searching for a way out
Drowning in my own life
Internally dying, a prisoner in my own home

Every question ends with a No
Because of this because of that
She’s forcing me to be like her
Confined to this house alone in solitaire

The older I get the tighter she holds
The harder I try to release myself from her never ending chains
Which keep me from seeing those who are moving on
When will it be my turn to be free or will I never be
It seems I must free myself, but how there is only one way
I have an escape that’ll take me away


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