The sticky sweet smell of your cologne in my hair
I couldn't push you off, I didn't even dare
No, you didn't rape ne
But what you did was just as bad
Your hands down my pants, around my neck
Like I was your thing to be had
You told me that you hated me
But you loved me the next day
Why couldn't I just walk out?
There was never an escape
I was scared and insecure
You told me I was just broken
And you decided the way to fix me
Was by forcing my legs open
You threatened to cheat
If I didn't put out
And from everything you'd done already
I didn't have a doubt
You made me out to be a freak
I felt like I was caged
By your lust, by your force
And most of all your rage
Every touch, every kiss
Made me sick inside
Though on the outside I just smiled
I knew enough to hide
You're long gone far away now
But I fear you all the same
I panic at the thought of you
And shudder at your name
No, I'll never be myself again
That girl is gone and dead
And so are you from my life
But these thoughts will forever remain in my head


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