The Bystander


Hidden behind a sea of malicious faces with cruel intent

With deep and profound sorrow

A beautiful soul was being destroyed

These ravenous wolves seek perfection from all

Degrading any who fail to fit the image

Inner beauty is never enough to satisfy their hunger

The wolves have surrounded their new prey

They begin to tear into her soul with cutting words

Loser, fatty, geek, ugly, stupid, weirdo, nobody, nobody wants you around

Relentlessly attacking her every day

 Wounding words and demented laughter ring in her ears

Covered by shadows, I watch as the prey begins to cut herself before the wolves

I look around as the wolves surround her

Desperate hope fills me as I look for someone to stop them

No one runs to aid of their prey

The bystanders laugh at her destruction and join in

Helplessly, I watch as the girl’s eyes dull into nothingness

Until one day, they announce that she would never return

She was in God’s hands now

Hidden in the shadows, I watch

A home of velvet and wood lowered beneath the grass

I walk to her grave and wait

A beautiful spirit arose and I grabbed her hand

She smiled at me and said, “They got you to huh?”

I nod with a saddened look and replied, “a year ago”

Together we walked to a garden as beautiful as our souls with bright smiles

We had found someone willing to do more then watch

Willing to be more than a bystander

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