Still feeling alone.
Everyday. Every night.
I got myself, but I'm wanting more.
Wanting something different.
Another person in my life.

But everyone's the same and I just can't take it.
Nor can I change it.
Who's the blame for it?

They're all following those unofficial rules.
Something I just can't do, I rather go my own way.
Do what I want to do.

I'll eventually run into someone like me.
Maybe? Maybe not.
Been walking this road for years and all I have is these tears.

...They won't stop...

Tears from the fear of ALWAYS being alone.
Wondering, "will this ever end"?
But then again, I chose to go my own way.
Creating my own lane.

I'm not a follower myself, so why would I think others will follow in my steps?
Remembering the path I chose is only for me.

Not following any rules, just trying to be free.
Starting to realize I'm on a one way street.
And the path is leading towards a black hole.
There's no turning back. No where to go.


*Sorry if it feels like this poem is all over the place.

 I have so much on my mind and just wanted write

and post something before going into work. Thanks

 for taking time out of your day and reading till the end :).*

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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