Bye-Bye Time


United States

Bye-Bye Time

I am nervous as I walk through those glass doors

The butterflies tickling the inside of my core

Strangers all around me as I walk to class

Inside I only feel meek and outcast

Freshman year, how insecure I felt

Soon changed with a little help



Now like a second home to me

Carolina Forest was the place to be

Stronger now than I once was

My friends may have been the cause

Second year passing by

Just like a shooting star in the sky



Third year, now an upperclassman it seems

Now I must go through the yearly routine

History, Science, Math and English

You hurry so you can just already finish

Pick a career, and think about your future they say

with Senior year coming up we must not delay



Due date is up and we are at the top

Graduation is already in our thoughts

Four years in this home of mine

Almost gone, I've ran out of time

Diploma in hand with me and my crew

Done with senior year, off to college to start anew

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