Bye Bye Jellyfish


Palm oil

Habitats gone in a single day


Blink and you miss it

Do you care?

Does it matter to you?

Safe away

Impenetrable fortress of money

Does it keep you up at night?

Nightmares of a barren Earth

Is money more important to you?

Forget your history

The animals you evolved from


Chip bags

Empty space enough for galaxies


Lives of animals


Your business

Their homes now waste

Escape to another land, my friend

While you can


Waste plastic

Full warehouses

Fuller seas

A turtle’s last meat

Bye bye jellyfish

Empty yoghurt pottle

Finished chocolate bar

Next stop – optometrist

Ground doesn’t look like a bin to me

Somebodies home

Move along





Does spellcheck correct that to golf?

Make America great again

Bottles of fake tan

Floating down rivers of flooded cities



Think of the animals

Money over lives?

Need over greed

Spare a couple bucks

Take a more environmental approach

So your kids have time to enjoy this world



Plastic packing for the ham in my sandwich

Swimming lessons with the fish

Gladwrap in my friend’s lunchbox

Another meal for that lucky whale

Muesli bar wrapper – who know where now

But damn the bar was good


This poem is about: 
Our world


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