Butterfly Touch

A hazardous planet, full of poisonous unpredictability.

Insecurity, suspiciousness, and greed for immortality.

Entangled in a faux ami’s web, judgement always searing.

No where to run, nowhere to hide,

Unable to settle, even for your own pride.


We want more knowledge for more understanding.

We want more money for more power.

We want more power for more controlling.

We want more control for more silence.

Silence of the people who defy us.

Silence of those who can be more than us.


Humanity; to rise and bring others down.

Lies. All lies.

Marks become letters, letters become words,

words become sentences, sentences become poems,

poetry transforms into a gentle butterfly.


The butterfly touches the hazardous planet,

turning the unpredictably into flowers,

shredding the faux ami’s mask,

illuminating the shadows.


(Faux ami means false friends)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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