Butterfly Kisses


United States
34° 52' 43.4424" N, 82° 35' 0.582" W

You were a soft as Angels' wings
And lasted only a second or two
Why, butterfly, did you only bring
Your sweetness when Daddy came too?
Daddy tucked me in at night
And you would brush my face.
Daddy left and, try as I might,
I couldn't find you to embrace.

A man gave Mommy a Letter
And then I saw her cry.
She didn't get any better,
Even when we said goodbye.
Twenty-one guns went off: Boom!;
And you, my butterfly, went up and away.
Your bitter-sweet memory stayed in my room
And forever there will it stay



This poem is so sweet and sad. I think you did a really good job of capturing a child's view of the world and of relationships. Keep up the good work!

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