Sat, 07/28/2018 - 04:05 -- Tevans

Hello butterfly,

What's brought you here to me?

It must have been my emptiness,

For I'm alone, you see.

I live my days in darkness,

And my nights in misery,

While voices of my hopes and dreams,

Are under lock and key.


Dear butterfly,

Please understand my tears.

They aren't an act of cowardice,

Just a mark of all my fears,

Of taking on myself at last,

While faces all hold sneers,

In a world where everybody talks,

But no one truly hears.


Kind butterfly,

I want to fade away.

They wonder why I never speak,

Though I have lots to say,

It's because my thoughts have been locked up,

To be let out someday,

But until then I'll stay silent,

For that's the price I pay.


Precious butterfly,

Please promise me you'll stay.

That when the dark of night sets in,

You'll chase my fears away,

And guide me through these times ahead,

Don't let me go astray,

That I might make it through this night,

And live to see the day.


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