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Beautiful, thoughtful Buttercup

Loved to look up, up, up

A night never passed, a day didn’t go by

When sweet lovely butter-c didn’t stare at the sky.


“It’s up there, you know. It’s up there,” she’d sigh.

“The whole living blueprint.

The reasons of why

Everything lives and everything dies.

It’s all right there, in the stars in the sky.


Connect the dots, spell the words

In every language, human and bird

And every animal that ever was

And every snowflake, and rainstorm because

That’s the truth of an infinite sky.

There’s so much there, the question why 

Cannot not be answered up in the sky.”


Butter, though, rarely spoke out this way

Mostly stood staring night and day

Up in wonder and sometimes would cry

As she smiled and she gazed up, up at the sky.


“They don’t see, you see,”

She’d say through her tears

“The  big-ness, the all-ness,

They just see their fears,

Their tiny, their little, their inconsequential

Their puny and biting and undone potential.

Look up! My sister, look up, my guys!

The answers you need are up in the skies.”

Then, one day they led her away.

And on her way off, she had time to say,

“Look for me up there! I’ll be there, okay?

Down here I’m a moment, up there, though, I’ll stay.”



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