I stroke my phalic rudder  And pretend  It is in fact a physical extension  The hard sex of phantom me  And penetrate my lovers starfish kiss  With deep grind  And enjoy the motion of my masculinity  I wear this side of me  Extending proud  Through manly leather harness  My glory shaft  Protrudes in mind as my chromosomal alternative  I pant heterogametic sex, in deep raspy voice  Holding a defiant posture  My dominant sex countenance  My boot perches in pirate Stance  On the rail of his bed  Arms reach from held akimbo  And hold hard with a firm gripping lead  My leverage now steady i thrust again  And over and over....over  The thrust stimulates my clitoral bud  I feel the pulse begin and groan  The tingle of pleasure increases my speed  He shouts as my pelvis pushes deep  Faster and harder....harder  The percussion of thigh to cheek sounds sweet  Ever increasing my venereal beat  And in my head i switch  Feeling myself throb from deep  The urge to unleash seed inside my lover  Takes my body over...over  I grasp under big muscular shoulders and pull back  And out cums in illusory seminal rush  Thee man in me....me

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Our world


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