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You say you need me 

you want to be with me 

you love me

or do you


But... will you love me

when I’m awake at 11pm,

and 1:30 am, AND 3 am

Shaking, crying

rocking back and forth

unable to come back to reality


Or... will you want to be with me

when I try to drift away

in fear you’ll find someone,

Anyone, better than me

Always pushing you away

in fear that I,

this worthless person,

will never be good enough

for someone, as perfect as you


And... what if you say you want me

and then you see another girl

and say to yourself

Why am I with this piece of trash

when there’s people like HER out there


For all I know,

I could just be a bet,

or a dare, something stupid like that

I don’t think you’re that way

but nobody ever does

It’s always unexpected

because people like you

are so damn good at hiding

behind this mask of innocence


But... I will not be fooled again

I will see past your mask

like the others didn't

and the next ones won’t

Because they wont expect it

it hasn't been done to them yet

and maybe it never will

we can hope, right?


You have to hope for something,

Anything good, at this point

to get you out of the rut

you have been dragged down into

Hope for the best outcome,

because you never know,

the best thing could come from it

Or the worst...


But hope

Hope for the better of the two

No matter what is going on

good or bad, happy or sad

There is always a but... And it can always change

For better or for worse

But always to create

Create a new pathway

For this journey called life


This poem is about: 
Our world


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