“She is displaying feigned feelings for him.”
“He is such a fool to be in love with her.”
That is what people say when they see us together.
They do not know how I feel about you.

These are the things they gossip about you:
“She is definitely up to no good and he is blind to it.”
“She is just a gold digger like most of the other girls.”
But, darling, I see you differently in my eyes.

The busybodies make these remarks about me:
“He must be out of his mind to think she loves him.”
“He will not find happiness with her in his life.”
We cannot allow them to destroy our relationship.

Some nosey parkers in the community say,
“What is a teenager doing with a middle-aged man?”
“She should find someone in her age group to date.”
But that is the last thing we want to hear.

Why should I be daunted by what people think?
The way I love you today will never change
Even if the things they say about you are true.
They are in no position to criticise our love,
For they do not have a better love than ours.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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