Business As Usual

When the businessman arose from slumber

He marched toward the front door

Unaware of his problems

Focused only on his daily chores


Off to work he went

Driving in a daze

Speeding toward his destination

Ready to set his competitors ablaze


Never late or early

Always exactly on time

For he is a great man

That will never waste your dime


He will triumph over failure

A new challenge every day

This man is not a quitter

He has the persistence to stay


Every day is a new beginning

Profits were down eight percent

So tomorrow must be better

Or he will be abolished to all extent


When tomorrow became today

The battle was uphill

He was to blame for all this dismay

Corporate giants took aim and fired at will


He was left with nothing

But his heart and will

He had lost everything

But still continued uphill


He was not finished

He had business to do

So he made it his goal

To push right on through


He rose from the ashes with might and sheer will

Joined a new company

That saved lives and made money

For he was a soldier of the U.S. economy


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My country
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