Business or Pleasure


Woke up this morning the sky was clear
I was thinking about my whole high school career  
I remember skipping just rap grabbing something was fat that was that
Was in Mr Keble's class always hooping for the cash 
and I never carried books only candy bag

Man those were days but now I'm a graduate and I'm getting kinda worried
when I lookinto the mirror I see another person staring
I never thought about life but now I really started caring
Like the fact that I need to get a job so I can help out my mom
this is really blowing my mind, man I gotta keep calm

I need a couple grants, tell me what's a student loan cause I can't stay at home
I know I have the drive but is this the wrong road
this music is what I love so love is I belong
Just reconnected with my pops 
he told me son take your shot give everything you've got

Yes, you gotta fail to succeed 
Reality and dreams and I fall in between
When we fall in love with lies when don't know what to do
But what lies in a lie isn't better than the truth
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