The world stops to the sound of humanity. I turn around only to fall to my knees. The drowning beauty of the death of a dying light is too compelling to ignor.

               On a day like this not even the closed gates of heaven can intimidate my battered soul. The sweet scent of fresh earth and rain sends my senses into a frenzy of pure sinful bliss. It feels as if I can have the world in my palms in a moments notice, only to release it to rebellious freedom.

              Round and round the world turns in slow motion as the cool breeze bites my skin and sends a chill down my spine. The peaceful sound of grass cushioning my fall lulls me in a trance as the feel of nature entwining itself with my very being excites me.

The atmosphere grows as dark as ink from the deep uncharted depths of the sea. Light as bright as a childs eyes drenches the inky stratosphere with desire. The night sky becomes irresistible with romantic hunger that consumes all that’s within proximity.

Navy Ribbon runs through my veins. I fall every time, as I indulge in the silk of my bones.The night sky becomes vibrant with the incredible bursts of fire. The bright white shocks my senses into the depths of wonder. My heart beats out of my chest as the world falls around me, and the cries of humanity no longer pierce my conscience.It is here that I feel the honesty of my being. It Is here that I float away on a sea of existence.                      The light grows brighter and demanding. I can tell myself its the path to the pearly gates, but in reality its the stratosphere leading me to my hopes and dreams. Constellations like shattered glass thrown into space tell the stories of the past and future. It’s like looking through a fine mirror that reflects what oncewas and what is to come.The fading of the light hammers panic onto my heart, and draws my existence to a shivering pause.

 I feel my eyes sting with bittersweet tears as fresh morning dew begins to kiss my skin.The scent of fresh vegetation screams its way into my senses. The birth of new life brings the world to a new light. The pure bursts of stars die in the beginning of a new day. What was once a sea of uncertainty has blossomed into a shore of new promise.

My bones shake in anticipation as my heart sores. Ready for the fall I gasp for the last remnants of star burst air.  I feel radioactive as I fall from the stratosphere and to the delicate bones beneath me.The sight of ashen purples and pinks blind my vision, and warm my bones from the chill.

The sound of the world turning excites my soul, and for once I don’t feel so alone. An affinity for life blossoms and  I feel the possibility of a new day and the need to live like this will be my last.

All that I am and all that I ever was is here lying in bliss in the atmosphere making a wish on abroken star to forget the world. Paradise is lost till I stand and journey  the path ahead, leaving the night behind and awakening to a new beginning.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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