Burning Light

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 19:27 -- S_Mykal

There is a burning light

Red and gold dancing in my soul

A fiery passion kept in a cage

Beautiful and powerful, but no need to be afraid


It was born from a single thought

A deep desire, so deep and true

It is a hunger to hunt

And a longing to be caught


Caught in your embrace

I hardly dare to breathe

Don’t look into my eyes

Or the hunter you might see


Never thought I would be this close

Give me your heart to enrapture

To start a flame of burning light

Red and gold dancing in your soul


Jose D Serrano

Such a good poem, I honestly loved it from the start.


My perception of this poem is a passion of love and desire, but the speaker is vulnerable and hiding something. It's really good. 

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