Burning Heart

If you had one moment

To make any wish come true

If you could repair anything broken

But could only pick one item, too.


If you had to point

To the most precious thing to you

If there was no one around to disappoint

Who or what would you point to?


If an angel came to you and said,

"I will present anything or anyone to you,

From below or above the ground on which you tread."

Who or what would come into view?


If there is a person

That would presently appear,

Then waste not a single second

And go to the one that you hold most dear.


If an object is what you desire most,

Then I am afraid you still have much more to learn.

Life isn't about keeping any certain object close,

It's about finding someone for whom your heart will burn.


If nothing should appear in your sight,

And your heart has no desires or concerns,

Then it could be that you just might,

Have a heart that never burns.

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