Burning Bridges Lights Blunts

as i walk back down the stair ways to heaven i find myself trapped in my own mental prison a place of violents & stealing reminds me petty crime made me a super villain when i had the dosh i felt like king now i lost it all it gets me feeling like a fiend hiding in the shadows from anyone everyone even me i dont know who i am anymore im a diffent person every time i walk through the door but i dont get an apluse every body shuts up like someone press pause and theres no satifaction for my A grade acting i should get an oscar for hiding my sadness i feel soo close to death i can feel its cold breath down the back of my neck it kinda makes it hard to forget about the stress and the sleepless nights i feel like a mess i smoke dope soo i can cope with it but i dont know if im gonna choke again mess up like i always do its to be expected from a fool like me ive inevitably destoyed eveything i cared about and held close to me but im so destructive i cover my eyes soo i cant see what ive made by wasting and ruing everyones day its not all my fault i was let a stray now im stuggling to get through each and everyday being demented is my trait and surrendering is never my game ill keep fighting till my final stand i wont ever cower because i'm destend to die a man only then will i ever be free.  


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