Sun, 07/27/2014 - 22:28 -- MarenaB

Buried - A free verse about depression


It fills every corner,
Every crack. 
It searches for any ounce of light
And destroys it. 
The cavern is submerged 
In darkness. 
It is too deep
For any light to penetrate. 
Light floats over the top, 
Awaiting any 
Who are able to climb out.

My eyes flick around, 
There is no rope. 
There is no ladder. 
There is no way out.

The rain begins.
This rain is not cleansing. 
It is not refreshing. 
It is not even water. 
Rocks and gravel tumble around me. 
They sneer at my clothes
As they are ripped off of me. 
They laugh at my hair
As each strand is ripped from my head.

The sands suffocate me
As the rocks crush my body. 
My fingers claw at the rubble 
As the dirt embeds itself 
Under my finger nails. 
The rain doesn't stop. 
It won't stop. 
Not until I'm dead, 
Buried beneath the debris.



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