Burberry and Brad Simpson


I wear a mask.

Not in a literal sense,

But I wear a mask.

The real me likes everything

And sometimes nothing at all.

I'm a total girl some days.

I love makeup and hair and Gossip Girl.

All I want is a ring from Tiffany,

And a handbag from Burberry.

And I wear a mask.

But some days I'm a complete slob.

I love the messiest of buns,

And the comfiest of sweats

With the largest pizza

And the newest video game.

And I wear a mask.

Some days I'm a nerd.

I like Doctor Who,

I like Harry Potter-

No, I LOVE Harry Potter.

And I wear a mask.

Sometimes I can obsess over British boybands all day

Because what could be better

Than beautiful curly brown locks

And a beautiful voice

All wrapped up in a funny personality

And a gorgeous face?

Please don't mistake that for Harry Styles,

He isn't the only one to fit that description.

And I wear a mask.


Because who on earth is intimidated by

A total girl

A complete slob

A nerd

And someone obsessed with celebrities?

I wear a mask

Not because I don't like who I am

But because I don't like who I'm surrounded by.

With my mask,

They don't bother me.

They don't argue with me.

The don't cross paths with me at all.

Because they're afraid.

Why? I don't know.

I can win almost any argument,

But I can't fight,

I don't have friends who can fight.

I don't even have adults to protect me from a fight.

But people are still afraid of me.

Because I wear a mask.

And for some reason,

My mask is intimidating.

And I like that.



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